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XeVision HID Xe aircraft landing light


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XeVision® One-stop documents download

HID installation manual:

A complete XeVision HID lights installation manual is provided with each XeVision kit.

HID wiring diagram:

A simple pictorial diagram showing a generic (12 VDC or 24 VDC) HID wiring suggestion.

Digital series ballast XV4D wiring:

For the D-series XV4D ballasts, the input connector has three pins for remote control of the ballast. Depending on the XV4D model (SPM or DPM), the wiring has a different meaning.

XePulse™ 2 wiring:

The new solid-state XePulse™ 2 is specifically designed for the XV4D ballasts with a 3-pin input connector for remote control of SPM and DPM combined.

An optional color coded ready to use wire harness is available.

Two basic wiring option are recommended for either SPM or DPM type ballasts.

SPM: Single Power Mode (ON-OFF operation)
DPM: Dual Power Mode (for dimming)

XePulse™ 1 (legacy model) :

The original XePulse™ 1 model was designed for all of our HID ballasts driving D1 and D2 bulbs. A modification of this model was made (D+) for using it for remotely controlling on/off for suitable ballasts with 3-pin input connectors, like XV3A, XV3D, XV4A, XV4D.

XeVision HID installation examples:

Here we post examples of various installation situations provided by aircraft owners.

XeVision HID ordering form for aircraft:

This ordering form is designed for aircraft HID lighting purchases.

FAA approved 337 application for XeVision aircraft HID lighting:

Here we post examples of various FAA appapproved FAA 337 forms provided by aircraft owners.

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