XeVision HID Xe aircraft landing light


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XeVision® HID & LED Lighting Systems for Aerospace, Military and Industry
XeVision HID Xe aircraft landing light


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Ordering Information

Please see 'Prices' web page or call for pricing. We take orders by phone, fax or e-mail. We accept VISA & MasterCard or money transfer.

Our highest quality HID Xenon lamp conversion kits are competitively priced for experimental aircraft.

The XeVision conversion kits come complete with lamp, ballast, and electrical harness. We carry replacement parts for all our HID lighting kits.

All our HID lighting systems are vailable for 12/14 VDC and 24/28 VDC, standard 35 watt and standard 50 watt lamps are available as COTS.

Ordering Form:

You may download the ordering form (pdf) and fill in all the information requested. Sign and fax the form to our office +1 801 622-7277 or scan and email the form.


Our XeVision landing and taxi lights are for experimental aircraft and can be and have been approved for certified aircraft with FAA approval in numerous certified production aircraft. (see FAA 337 field approvals)